Vincent van Gogh - Projection Mapping

Client: City of Breda

Directed by: Reinier Peersman and Koen van Geel

Producer: Jeoffrey van Overveld

2015 was the year of Van Gogh. It has been 125 years since he has passed. To honor him the municipality of Breda has asked me, Koen van Geel and Jeoffrey van Overveld to bring his paintings even further to life in this live video projection which can be seen on Breda’s historic ”Spanjaardsgat”. This video is a compilation of the animations included in the projection.

One of the scenes I worked on was “The Starry Night” and I got inspired by the movement of his brushstrokes. The painting was so dynamic that I recreated it in 3D to animate the swirls and stars in a constant flow.